Ralph Wyckoff


Born (Watsonville, CA)

Education (Ecole des Beaux Art, certificate in architecture, 1914)

Firms (name, date, city):
  Ralph Wyckoff, Architect, Berkeley (1914-1915)
  H. B. Douglas, Watsonville (1915-1918)
  Wyckoff & White, Salinas (1919-1921, San Jose (1921-1925)
  Ralph Wyckoff, Architect (1925-1956)

  Ralph Wyckoff was the son of Watsonville engineer Cyrus Newton Wyckoff. He trained under architect William H. Weeks in Watsonville and San Francisco. He opened his first office in Berkeley after receiving his California license in 1914, and returned to Watsonville the following year after taking over the firm of H. B. Douglas. In 1919 joined with Hugh White in Salinas before settling in San Jose in 1921. In San Jose, he continued his association with White until 1925.

Works (year, building, city):
  1917 Watsonville Woman's Clulb, Watsonville
  1918 Radcliff School, Watsonville
  1920 Salinas High School, Salinas (with Hugh White)
           Harnell Junior College
           Elks Club, Salinas
  1922 Wyckoff House, San Jose
  1922 San Ysidro School, Gilroy
  1922 Los Gatos School, Los Gatos (Wyckoff & White)
  1923 Hester School, San Jose
  1923 Saratoga School, Saratoga
  1924 Ford's Department Store, Watsonville
  1924 Willow Glen Grammar School, San Jose (demolished)
           McKinnon School, Santa Clara
  1925 Watsonville Fire Station
  1930 Anne Darling School, San Jose (demolished)
  1931 Natural Science Building (Washington Square Hall), San Jose State College, San Jose
  1933 San Jose Post Office, San Jose (National Register)
           Washington School, Santa Clara
  1935 Gas Station, San Jose (San Jose Mercury Herald, May 10, 1935) (demolished)
  1936 Stauffer House, Seven Springs Ranch, Cupertino (California Register)
  1936 Paul L. Lion House, San Jose
  1936 Sunlite Bakery, San Jose
  1938 C.J. Haas House, San Jose
  1941 Anglo-California National Bank, San Jose (San Jose City Landmark # __)
  1947 Joseph George Distributor Bldg., San Jose
  1949 Jack Lusardi Bldg., San Jose
           Levi Straus Plant, San Jose
           Speech and Drama Bldg., San Jose State College, San Jose
           Wahlquist Library, San Jose State College, San Jose (demolished)
           Santa Clara County Jail, San Jose

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